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Scott Bader was established in 1921 and today we are a Euro 227 million global chemical company, employing over 650 people worldwide. With manufacturing sites located around the world including our new ventures in Canada, South America and India...
website : http://www.scottbader.com/
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CONCENTROL is a chemical company which consists of three large and clearly defined business divisions: food, chemical specialities and mould release agents . Through these divisions, we provide service to a wide range of players in the industrial sector around the world.
website : http://www.concentrol.com/
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Symphony is a world leader in the development and marketing of Controlled-life Plastic, selling through international distributors and agents. The Company also sells a comprehensive range of traditional, non-degradable, flexible plastic products.
website : http://www.symphonyenvironmental.com
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VOXCO Pigments and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

VOXCO Pigments is an ex-manufacturing partner of a Swiss Multinational Company and had a technology transfer agreement for producing pigments for them. Currently VOXCO Pigments manufacture a wide range of Inorganic and Organic Pigments for Coating, Plastic and ink application. Catering to both domestic and International markets.
website : http://www.voxco.in
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Lambson Limited

Lambson was established in 1960 and operated from a Head Office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. Throughout the 1960/1970’s the Company had interests in Chemical Distribution (Lambson Ltd), Chemical Transportation (Fearns Tankers and Transport) and coated panel products for the construction market (Diponic products).
website :
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Willy A. Bachofen AG Maschinenfabrik

The company Willy A. Bachofen AG has been a leading specialist in the fields grinding- dispersing an in the mixing technology. Our brands DYNO®-Mill, TURBULA® and dyna-MIX® are known worldwide for the best quality and process stability.
website : http://www.wab.ch
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Madhu Silica Pvt. Ltd

Madhu Silica Pvt. Ltd. (MSPL) is the largest manufacturer of Precipitated Silicas in India. The MFIL range of Spray and Flash dried Precipitated silicas today find usage in end applications in various industries. The company today manufactures more than 50 different grades of silicas for various end applications.The company has 4 established plants capable of manufacturing 2,00,000.00 MT Precipitated Silica per annum.
website : http://www.madhusilica.com/
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