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Outing 2017: Treasure hunting in Lan Ha Bay – a beyond-limit-race

11/08/2017 | 09:14
All in good time, July often seems to be "hotter" to all members of MDI family as the company's annual summer outing starts “ringing”. With the spirit of overcoming limits and challenges to expand our business scope and reach higher level, MDI Board of Directors decided to choose the slogan EXPAND BEYOND LIMIT for this year's Outing.

Cat Ba Islands were chosen as Outing venue not only for the majestic nature but also for the conditions that challenged MDI members to overcome their precepts and limits to achieve the best results, while promoting the spirit of teamwork, overcome all obstacles to achieve the common goal.

Indeed, to reach the beautiful Cat Ba island, the first challenge that members have to overcome is the hard way to travel with different means of transport through airway, road and waterway.

Cat Ba Island Resort welcomes MDI with its green lawns and rows of houses leaning mountain with ocean views.

While enjoying the resort's lush scenery, members are actively preparing themselves for the next challenge of the journey, which are water ball matches.

It rained heavily in the final game, raising a further challenge to the "players" but all of them did not flinch at all, dedicating themselves until the final whistle of the referee took up.

However, the hardest challenge - Teambuilding games series "Hunting for treasures on Lan Ha Bay" is the one that really promote the spirit of "EXPAND BEYOND LIMIT" of MDI members.

Teams are given tasks that seem impossible to overcome, such as selling all the secret goods in a completely strange place, blindfolding fishing, building an undefeated bridge, moving jade dragon, etc.

The challenge became harder with condition on water that forced the teams increase their solidarity to perform teamwork. For the first time, teams tried Kayak across the vast ocean, using power of their will to overcome the feeling that we are just small creators to the immense nature. 

The most meaningful part is the final teambuilding stage when pieces of the transplant gained by teams after overcoming many difficulties were combined together to create the golden words expressing the Outing spirit "MDI EXPAND BEYOND LIMIT". Thus "treasure" is found not only by the solidarity, the efforts of individuals in each team but the performance of all teams and the biggest win for every MDI member is to overcome their limitations to contribute to the overall success of the team.

Gala dinner was the ending point of Outing program, where all efforts of all  members were honored.

And we are all winners !!!





Best dressed lady and gentlemen

Co-authors of Outing’s Sologan

The spirit of "EXPAND BEYOND LIMIT" was once again brought into play as members crossed gaps to get along with each other in vibrant and lasting tunes. Many members did defeat their shy and timidity as dancing for the very first time but so excitingly.

Outing 2017 ended with many memories, everyone feel attached, but the "treasure" won by all members is the spirit of "EXPAND BEYOND LIMIT", this is also the core value making MDI constantly go further and higher as the aspirations of each member in the company.

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