General Introduction

Chemical Market Development and Investment Company Limited (MDI Chemical Co. Ltd.) is dedicated to supplying the Vietnam chemical and specialty additives markets. After many years of continuous supply to our market, we have established the ‘MDI Brand’. Our excellent distributor performance has given us “exclusive agent” appointments from many chemical corporations throughout the world. These includes the USA, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Japan, Holland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, Korea, PR China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong...


As an effective liaison between our customers and our suppliers, MDI actively provides many chemicals and additives that meet the diversified demands of the domestic Vietnam chemical industrial markets. These include paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, textile, paper, candle, glass, pottery, food, feeds, cosmetic, medicine, and metal finishing (polishing stainless steel, electroplating and anti-corrosion coating).


Our slogan is “MASTERING DEVELOPMENT INNOVATIVELY”. With this slogan in mind, we not only provide quality products but with our years of experience, provide a wide range of technical knowledge. Together we link the benefits of MDI with our suppliers and customers. Currently MDI is proud to have been continuously distributing chemicals and specialty products to over 200 domestic customers in a variety of industries.

The MDI Sales and Technical team includes skillful and experienced personnel, many of which hold Chemical Engineering degrees. Our internal focus is to continual concentrate on providing education and training to our staff. We encourage self motivated, creative high energy employees focused on mutual cooperation and team spirit.  This ensures our customers the best possible service. Along with advancements in chemical and bio-chemical technology, we are deeply aware that human resource is the key to the success of our business. Therefore, MDI continuously reviews and updates our training procedures, professionalism, product knowledge, technical and sales skills for our employees. Additionally, we offer many advanced and “green technologies” for our customers. A benefit to the environment as well.

The essence of MDI culture is based on  “ a common goal towards the positive good ”  as we help to create the environment awareness and highest value of each individual team member. It emphasizes that every success in the business is always the result of the efficient operation of a working team.

While developing and expanding the business, the MDI executive management and all employees, does not forget our duties for social community. Over many years the unions of our company have participated in a number of charitable programs helping the poor and assisting in disaster relief efforts. This helps to create a sense of responsibility to society for each employee of company.

Today, the MDI Corporation is a reliable and experienced structure built upon a solid foundation of knowledgeable employees and management which serve the diverse needs of many chemical and other industries in Vietnam and throughout Asia. This is accomplishment by exclusively partnering with principles from throughout the world.

                                                                                             Chemical Market Development and Investment Company Limited (MDI Chemical Co. Ltd.)
                                                                                             No. 135-TT3 Mydinh Metri New Urban Area, Mydinh 1 Ward, South Tuliem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.
                                                                                             Tel: (024) 3747 2977; 37473004; 37472978; 37877044
                                                                                             Fax: (024) 37472979

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