EcoAir® VpCI®-337 Offers Convenient, Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Protection in Recyclable Cans!

21/09/2016 | 14:52
Cortec® is eager to provide convenient, environmentally friendly solutions to corrosion problems. One of those important innovative solutions is the EcoAir® VpCI®-337 Fogger. EcoAir® VpCI®-337 is a convenient way to get the excellent tried-and-true corrosion protection of VpCI®-337 in an easy-to-use spray can powered by compressed air.

Cortec® carried this eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor to a whole new level of convenience and environmental consideration when it began packaging VpCI®-337 into recyclable EcoAir® cans. Using bag-on-valve technology, EcoAir® cans are powered by compressed air and can be sprayed in any direction—even upside down—without any worries about releasing solvents, VOCs, or aerosols into the atmosphere. EcoAir® VpCI®-337 can be safely and easily transported for use even into remote areas without the need for electricity or special spray equipment. When the can is empty, users can simply pop the top off, remove the inner bag, and throw the remaining aluminum can directly into the recycling, avoiding costly and inconvenient disposal procedures.*

In testing the performance capabilities of EcoAir® VpCI®-337, the Cortec® lab found that an EcoAir® can effectively sprays VpCI®-337 a distance of approximately 40 inches (101.6 cm). On average, a full can will last for four and a half minutes of constant spraying. Coverage rate is approximately 0.3-1.0 fluid ounces (8.87-29.57 ml) per cubic foot (0.03 m3 ), meaning 4-6 ounces (118.29-177.44 ml) of spray will protect a metal void space 12.7 cubic feet (0.36 m3 ) in volume.

During testing, the EcoAir® VpCI®-337 was sprayed on carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum panels and found to effectively protect these metals from corrosion. The biodegradable fluid is designed to protect a variety of other metals, as well:

• Hot/cold-rolled steel

• Silicon steel

• Stainless steel

• Cast iron

• Zinc

• Brass

Cortec’s EcoAir® VpCI®-337 makes corrosion protection immediate, effective, and extremely convenient to apply and discard without special environmental concerns. By packaging this biodegradable corrosion inhibitor in a recyclable can, Cortec® has created an excellent alternative both to hazardous corrosion inhibiting chemicals and environmentally damaging aerosol cans.


Cortec’s EcoAir® VpCI®-337 Fogger conforms to the following standard test methods: ASTM D-1735 (Water Fog Cabinet), ASTM D-1748 (Humidity Cabinet), and NACE RP0487-2000 (Selection of Rust Preventives.


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